Monday, October 24, 2011

Pete Rose Is A Piker

3,000 hits in a long career? Tain't nuthin' compared to Spike. He went right through the 2,500 seizure level yesterday. And Pete, that's in less than ONE year. Spike will hit the 3,000 level hopefully next week.

Hopefully? Yeah, because if he does, that means he didn't hit it this week.

Spike has been running consistently above 50 seizures a day recently. How can I put that in perspective for you? I can't. You can't imagine it and I don't want you to.

The house has finally gone silent now after an hour of fighting against bedtime. Spike is finally asleep.

Lately, sleep time is prime seizure time. Last night, I held him for four hours beginning at midnight as he had seizures every five minutes. It may have gone beyond that, I don't know because I finally passed out.

I've come to hate nighttime.

Batter up.

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