Friday, November 11, 2011

8:48 + 48 Hours : No Seizures

Last night was scary as Spike seemed out of it and had some troubling eye movements. Troubling to hyper-aware parents anyway. The eye movements certainly looked like seizure precursors but nothing other than a restless night ensued.

Spike is not sleeping well (although at this moment I can see he has finally drifted off) and talks little. He seems uncomfortable but claims otherwise with hand signals in response to questions. He did hurt last night when someone moved his head and again when two IV lines failed but a little morphine took care of that.

His left side continues to improve. I have found he is more successful at coordinated movements if I tell him to think about it first. He concentrates hard for a moment and then everything works fine. It's interesting to watch the doctors and nurses try and get movement out of him. They are mostly unsuccessful until I tell Spike to do something other than "move this arm" or "push with that leg." I found that asking him to clap his hands or bump both of my fists is far more effective. It seems to take his mind away from a clinical request to more normal play motion. It looks to me like his motor skills will be fine.

All the various uncomfortable attachments came off last night except for the one required IV access they always have in. No more tubes, line or wires though. That's a great relief for him. At one point he had two IV lines, an arterial line, a catheter, five EKG leads, a surgical drain, a blood pressure cuff, a pulse oximeter sensor and an oxygen line. All necessary but all uncomfortable. Now he is free.

The surgical residents removed his head dressing today. He actually looks better than I expected (although not everyone in the room agrees) and will have a scar to impress the girls for a long time.

Our focus now is on him regaining strength and coordination as well as watching out for seizures. Strength and coordination work will take a month or two but he should be up and moving by tomorrow. The seizure watch will continue for the rest of his life.

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    I worried all day yesterday when you didn't post.

    Had to chuckle a little about the "seizure watch". Allen started driving one year post surgery. Talk about WORRY! I prayed every time he got in his car. It's been six years now; I don't worry about seizures every day, but still do occasionally--like this weekend when he's going pheasant hunting........................

    Best wishes,