Saturday, November 12, 2011

8:48 + 72 Hours : No Seizures

Spike had an active night - for once, in a good way. He slept for an hour and a half or two at a time and then woke up and ate, listened to stories and talked a little to me before going back to sleep. This continued throughout the night.

Of course that meant that I was, once again, up all night but now I am fully refreshed and energized by his progress. As I type this he is once again laughing and even smiling.

The doctors are discussing the possibility of some inpatient rehab time. I'll listen but I am not sure I am signing up for that. If inpatient rehab means a couple hours of work combined with 20 hours in bed, I just don't think that will help. I am much more interested in getting him into a home environment in either Chicago or North Carolina and then taking him in for daily rehab sessions. He needs to move around, eat decent food and just be a kid.

I think today will show major improvement.