Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Drumroll Please...

The pathology report came back and said...

There was malformed tissue in Spike's brain!

Hope we didn't pay too much for that shocker.

Seriously, the report indicated malformation that was likely congenital. I do not have all of the particulars because a nurse gave me a summary over the phone. I should have the full report on Monday.

Here's what we DO know at this point:

There is no malignancy (yeah!)

There is no evidence of an active underlying disease process

The seizure activity is almost certainly unrelated to the fall he experienced last year

It was very unlikely that he would have spontaneously improved and, therefore, the surgery was necessary.

Those are all good things to know. What we do not and cannot know is whether all of the malformed tissue has been removed. That's not as big a deal as it sounds like. Even if we somehow knew there were remnants present, we wouldn't do anything about it because a) they are not causing a problem, b) they may be in areas that are too critical to high function and c) there's nothing you CAN do other than a further resection and the surgeons don't just go poking around to "clean things up." In fact, you, I and millions of others may have areas of unusual grey matter and never know it because it does not cause a problem.

All in all, a good report because there were no nasty surprises.

I've been in Chicago working the past few days. I did not expect any real difference in Spike since he appeared fully recovered when I left on Monday. Wrong! He was running around and chattering away after I came in and he just looked so happy. Definite progress even though I didn't think there was any more to be had.

One thing I find interesting is the difference between his high activity level now and his drug induced hyperactivity prior to the surgery. I often wondered during the past year if I was being overly sensitive to his level of activity. After all, he's four year old boy and they're all hyperactive, right? Wrong.

Four year old boys are ACTIVE. Some are hyperactive but there is a big difference between the two. Spike was formerly hyperactive and had very little attention span. Now he just has lots of energy but it is directed towards whatever he happens to be doing from playing with toys to watching videos (he no longer just watches them = he talks about what is going on) to listening to stories. He just has great energy. When he was under the influence of the drugs, I wanted to tie him down. Now, I want to take him out to the woods or lake to burn off that energy while having fun. This is all good, fun, healthy energy.

Of course, high energy levels complicate picture taking. I took 20 pictures before I could get one where he was more than just a blur. Can't you just see all of that energy and happiness?


Tomorrow, I will have a special Thanksgiving post because this is going to be a very special Thanksgiving indeed.


  1. Tom, I am SO HAPPY for you!

    I'm sure this is going to be one of your best Thanksgivings EVER.

    My son (who had the brain surgery) and his girlfriend will be here for lunch. My hug to him on arrival will feel just as good to me as the hug you give Spike!

    Happy Thanksgiving,

  2. Yep, lots to be thankful for.

    Best wishes,
    Jim & Joan B.

  3. A very BIG smile being sent your way from The North! Can't wait to see your Thanksgiving post. Give my love to your family!