Wednesday, November 9, 2011

He's Delirious!

When told that Uncle Mark wanted to know who his favorite uncle was, he struggled against his dry mouth to croak, "Uncle Mark is my favorite uncle."

Realizing what had just happened, his eyes flew open and he clearly stated, "Uncle Steve is my favorite uncle."

After a moment and extensive prompting, he muttered, "Uncle John too" with a resigned sigh.


  1. Uncle Mark his favorite! Spike's thinking obviously is as sharp as can be. Good job, surgeons!

    I just can't believe how quickly Spike is awake, moving, and communicating. I didn't know, but I just assumed it would be many hours if not days after such major surgery. I can only imagine how relieved you must be to be talking to your boy already! Go Spike!

  2. Great news! Sounds like everything went great.

    he'll be thinking more clearly soon at which time he will realize how medicine can make you say some crazy things.....oh well, Mark can feel good while he is heavily medicated, Spike will be thinking clearly soon...and I'll be back to number 1.....crazy medicine.....

    His favorite....Uncle John

  3. Praise the Lord for Spike's quick recovery. Will continue to pray for complete recovery and may the surgery be successful in removing/preventing future seizures.

    In Him,

  4. Enough already about Uncles! What we really want to know is who is Spike's favorite Aunt?

    Seriouly, what a brave boy to go through such an ordeal at his age. And good job to Spike also.