Friday, November 11, 2011

On The Mend

That's right, Mr. Spike is officially on the mend. He is unhooked from everything, eating regular food, undergoing physical therapy, listening to stories and using the bathroom. In fact, the only two things he is not doing are talking much and using his iPad. Once he starts talking ABOUT his iPad, we will declare him fit for discharge!

He is very quiet right now but will talk with a lot of prompting from Dad. His surgeon says that is not unusual given the area of the resection. Everyone ...


As I was typing that line, one of the doctors came in and went through the usual battery of neuro tests to check the current level of left side impairment. Spike was not responding much at all. The doctor asked me to show him how I could prompt a reply so I pulled out the iPad and asked "What is this?"

"My iPad," declared the sphinx.

"Which game do you want to play?"


"Point to it and press the button."

Nailed it on the first try.

So he has been discharged! Ok, not really. I guess the doctors aren't up to date on the latest in Daddy Diagnostics.

Aha! He just now asked for his iPad without any prompting. Discharge? Heck, he's ready to start driving.

The doctor did change the last of his medications from IV to oral so that is one less item to check off the list.

The kid is not full of energy and I know he is not ready to leave but we all think that he will soon suddenly get that surge of energy and be good old Spike once again. I think he just needs a good eight hours of sleep and a full meal to really get him recharged. As of now, we are looking at a Sunday or Monday possible discharge.


  1. That is absolutely FANTASTIC news!

    I ain't no medical type, but I suspect he has residual anesthesia still floating in his system which keeps him from fully functioning.

    Tom, do your feet even touch the floor when you walk now? I bet not!

    I pray the good news only continues.


  2. Thank you for sharing, Tom, wonderful news. May God's healing continues to pour on Spike and you'll soon be your way back to NC....