Thursday, November 3, 2011

Where's The Easy Button?

Spike is all hooked up to the fancy SEEG monitor but they quickly realized he is going to stream a lot of data. Had to get a new big hard drive to hold it all. Hopefully they have express service at Office Max!

He is doing great otherwise. Happy, quiet, functional.

Monday is likely the Big Day.

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  1. Wanna have some fun? Spike will probably even enjoy this: Have him squeeze his teeth together really hard and hold that for a few seconds. The staff will come running! (They'll think he's having a seizure).

    Our son when he was hooked to the long term EEG he would do that whenever he was bored. The tech would look at Allen through the CCTV and ask him to stop clenching his teeth. The other thing he'd do, and Spike might not be able to do this, is when Allen would get up to use the bathroom, he'd come out and stand in the corner underneath the CCTV camera. You could see the camera pan around the room looking for him, then the tech's Voice: "Allen, are you messing with me again???"

    Gotta have your humor where you can find it.

    Best wishes,