Friday, November 4, 2011

You're Never Quite Ready For What You Thought You Were Ready For

Preliminary results are in from the SEEG readings of many seizures overnight. The preliminary results are not as good as we hoped. Preliminarily, there is some indication that the seizure focus is fairly widespread within the right frontal lobe. Have I mentioned yet that these results are preliminary?

There's a lot more analysis underway but the neurologist who took the first look at the overnight readings believes that the epileptogenic zone may extend into the motor skills area. If true, that's problematic. Depending upon how much of the area is involved there are several possible outcomes.

1. The area can be removed with little to no loss of function

2. The epilepsy is inoperable

3. The area can be removed but there is a high likelihood of some motor function loss

4. A smaller area can be removed with possibly no beneficial effect

The above outcomes represent my inadequate and somewhat uninformed understanding of the situation. I have focused on other possibilities and concerns and need to research this situation much more closely.

The doctor felt he did not have enough information to know which outcome is most likely but it was clear that he was worried about motor function.

Additional analysis of the results is underway and Spike will provide more data in the next 24 hours.

A rough start to what will certainly be a long weekend of worry.

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  1. Tom,
    You might be facing what we did; If electrical activity is happening in several places, it's hard (or impossible?) to tell what is an originating spot and what is a spot that is firing due to firing in another area.

    Allen opted to have just one spot removed, and it stopped his seizures (he still has a 'hot' EEG). Had his seizures continued, he could have gone back in in 6 months have have another hot spot removed (ie, another brain surgery).

    No sense of taking out more brain than necessary, huh?

    Hope this helps.