Saturday, December 10, 2011

An Energetic Milestone

One month ago yesterday, Spike underwent major brain surgery.

Yesterday, I took him to the park once again to enjoy some fresh air.

The kid in the park yesterday is NOT the same one that I helped wheel into the operating room.

The New Spike is not only seizure free after a month, he is a bundle of joyous energy. He is happy all the time and he just can't get enough of everything he encounters.

I figured we would walk a mile through the forest. After three miles, he was ready to do it all again - and he didn't walk, he ran. As I kept up a steady pace, he stopped to look at everything and roll around in the duff. Then he would pick himself up, run past me and do it again. Big hills, slippery paths, tricky tree roots - nothing stopped him and the whole time he chattered away happily, making up stories and asking a million questions. Not the same kid at all.

After seeing the hills and the condition of the trail, I decided to sit out my race today. I figured I had gotten enough exercise with him and it would be nice to sleep in for once on a Saturday. My feet hurt too. And my knees. And I had a paper cut on my thumb. And I'm sure I had other excuses too.

Having made the irrevocable decision to skip the race, I found myself at the starting line this morning at 9:00. If Spike can handle the course after all he has been through, I figured none of my excuses were valid. Ran my best race yet, with my fastest time. Fastest, not fast. After a day of rest and ibuprofen, Spike and I will head out to the Cary Soccer Park to walk next week's course. Soon, he'll be running with me.

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  1. Incredible story--and it keeps getting better.
    May Spike always continue to improve.

    I was working today packing food boxes w/ a school principal. We were talking about seizure and he commented: "It's hard to see them in kids at school as an administrator, I can't image what it must be like to see them as a parent."