Friday, December 2, 2011

What's That In Your Hand Spike?

Spike came to me today holding something I had not seen him carry in a long time. A book!

Yes, he actually put his iPad down, went a got a book and asked me to read to him. That's a big change for him as he just has not had the attention span for books in the past year.

A couple months ago I had gotten him some very nice books by Sara Varon. They are long stories told all in pictures. I thought he might like that better than wordy books. Anything to get books back in his life. He enjoyed them at the time but today said he wanted me to read a real book with words. I've been reading to him at bedtime but this is definitely the first time he has gotten a book on his own initiative in the middle of the day. Progress, slow but steady.

Unfortunately, Spike has not been progressing as well with his various fears. He is scared of heights, elevators, loud noises and who knows what else. These are all new or re-emerging fears since his hospitalization. of course, it is hard to associate them with his illness versus his being a four year old. In fact, as I was talking to him today about them, I explained that when I was a kid I was afraid of heights, escalators and, most of all, boats, especially sailboats! That sort of argues against it being illness related.

I told Spike that I overcame my fears by just going out and doing things to show myself there was nothing to be afraid of. I am obviously no longer afraid of sailboats but I AM afraid of the cost and time commitment required for my sailboat addiction! Not sure that's a good trade-off.

Spike asked if I was still afraid of anything. I told him I don't much like heights but the only thing I could think of that I was actually afraid of is snakes. To prove that he had been listening to me, he promptly grabbed a stuffed snake and stuck it in my face to help me get over the fear. Didn't work.


I spent four days working in Chicago this week. It is getting harder and harder to be away from him. Guess I'll have to bring him along. He should enjoy the long elevator ride to the 41st floor and the floor to ceiling windows looking down on the noisy construction site. Er, maybe I should hold off a bit on that trip.


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