Friday, November 9, 2012

8:48 + 1 Year : No Seizures!

One year ago today, I helped wheel Spike into surgery and watched his final seizure.

How time does fly when you're a healthy boy!

Following the medical miracle, Spike has had a full calendar.

Two trips to New York City.

One trip back to Cleveland for a reunion of epilepsy surgery patients.

Three appearances on local TV.

A treasure hunt.

A birthday party.

A first day of school.

He can now do all those things other five year olds take for granted.

He reads.

He writes.

He hangs from the monkey bars.

He runs.

All perfectly normal activities that seemed forever out of reach a year ago.

I will never be able to give enough thanks to all of those who made this possible but every Thanksgiving Day I will think of all them as we celebrate another year of full, healthy life.